XR4Ti Blower Motor Replacement

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XR4Ti Blower Motor Replacement

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Hi I wanted to write a quick post about XR4Ti blower motor replacements. I just went through doing mine after putting it off a long time. I read some concerning comments about people having to remove their valve cover or cut holes in their hvac box to do this job. I wanted to write a post to disprove these myths.

The job takes a few hours, needs no major engine disassembly, and causes no permanent damage to any impossible to find components to the car. You will need 8mm, 10mm, and 13mm sockets; a t30 socket; a pick; pozidrive #2; a vacuum and a brush.

This post is meant as a supplement to the shop manual uploaded here; https://www.dropbox.com/s/pteemw8xoqcar ... 9.pdf?dl=0 The instructions on changing the blower motor start on page 1151.

After step 8, the instructions do not say to remove the black plastic panel that goes from the fusebox to the center of the engine bay. Remove this now. Three screws attach it to the wiper vents and it clips into the hood seal.

Step 18 has you remove the 4 fasteners retaining the evaporator box. The two nuts closest to the front of the car are likely rusty. Use a metal brush to clean the threads the best you can. Put some oil on the stud and work the nut off slowly. If the nut gets tight, turn it clockwise some before spinning it off further.

Step 19 includes the removal of the wiper arms and cover. Pinch the bottom ends of the wiper arms and lift. Undo the nut and tap the arm with something while lifting to help nudge it free.
Removing the wiper linkage cover is the slowest part of the whole procedure. It is very fragile and hard to replace. Along the bottom of the windshield are blank circles. Use a pick to reach under these and pop them off. Start to unscrew the fastener below. It is likely that they are very stiff. If you hear creaking, drop some oil on the threads and work the screw in and out. They do not need to come out. They have about 1/2" of travel which spreads the clip apart into the car body. Look under the cowl and find the second row of clips closer to the front of the car. Ease both out slowly from one side to the other.

Before doing step 20. Take the PCV valve out of the top of the engine. Unplug the throttle sensor, idle air valve, oil pressure sender and temperature sender. This moves the harness out of the way of the evaporator box.

When you have the evaporator box apart, wash out all residue and vacuum the evaporator fins. This will reduce any weird smells you get using the air conditioner. While everything is apart, install new R134a compatible o-rings on all the refrigerant lines if it has not been done already. When you put everything back together, use antiseize on all metal-to-metal fasteners excluding the motor ground.
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