pacific northwest merkurs?

Discussion of events in the Pacific Northwest, including Western Canada.
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Re: pacific northwest merkurs?

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JOSHUATREEE wrote:you know after doing a little research if we met up close to Pendleton Oregon it would give ALOT of people a chance to get into this meet up. that is just about half way between Spokane and twin falls. merks could come from billings, Portland, Seattle and any that are closer. might have to see if there is a show some where close to that location this summer or just a get together.

My brother lives in Pendleton. that would work fine for me. ( but my blue one is not road worthy and i dont have the white one quite yet!)ImageImage
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Re: pacific northwest merkurs?

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We are so looking forward to the Olympus Rally this year.
New roads, for us, new area.
I took off Sept. 21st,22nd,23rd, and 24th.
The question for us is when do we meet up with our team leaders.
Both Steve and myself are volunteering as corner marshals for non-spectator
corners. Pic's anyone!
The last time I saw the update I was thrilled to see the Sierra listed as well as
some of our other favorites. 77 entrants were listed :D
We will not know many details til about two weeks before the Rally.
We'd love to get together with everyone. I'll keep you posted on this site and if I remember to, on fb as well.
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Re: pacific northwest merkurs?

Post by SVOJOSH »

I'm in the Portland area.
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Re: pacific northwest merkurs?

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I'm in Cache Valley in northern Utah (Logan). I have a pristine '89 XR and I have a friend who has an '87. Would love to meet up with anyone in Provo, Salt Lake, Ogden, Pocatello, or Idaho Falls areas. Email me at
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Re: pacific northwest merkurs?

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Put my facebook request in, I am relocating from Northern Alberta back to home base in Kelowna, BC. It would be a good place for a rally again.
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