Carlisle Events Award Winners

Discussion topics related exclusively to our annual gathering in Carlisle PA on June 3-5, 2011.
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Carlisle Events Award Winners

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Congratulations to all the Carlisle Events award winners I have listed below. These cars were selected on a pure popularity poll - every person that attends the Carlisle show receives a voting sheet to select their favorite cars. Votes are tallied and the award winners received their plaques in a drive-through ceremony on Sunday afternoon. If you did not pick up your plaque on Sunday, it can be mailed to you for a fee.

In addition, the club came in second place to the Focus team with 70 cars verses their 89. Team Shelby followed us up with 64 cars and were located in Building G where we were last year. Well done everybody!

Stock XR4Ti
1st Jim Gosses
2nd Karl Fuchs
3rd Joe Gianello

1st Bill Stobbe
2nd Don Arrowood
3rd Josh Devore

No votes received

1st Paul West
2nd Bart Dyshuk
3rd Scott Williams

Modified XR4Ti
1st George Schults
2nd Taryn & Erik Cotos
3rd Alicia Basilici

1st Brian Hart
2nd Anthony Pinardi
3rd Steven Velianski

1st Ron Aul
2nd Hector Vialerigo
3rd Taryn & Erik Cotos

1st Kristin Rogers
2nd Phil Dorsey
3rd Ed Stanley

Stock Scorpio 1988-89
1st James W Bowman
2nd Chuck Draxler
3rd Michael Estep

Modified Scorpio 1988-89
1st Alicia Basilici (Celebrity Pick by Brad Anesi)
2nd Matt Clark
3rd Adam Julecki

I apologize for any spelling errors – I had to copy these down from the board on the showgrounds.

All the best,

Paul "the Brit" West
Doylestown, PA