Carlisle Ford Nationals Photos

Discussion topics related exclusively to our annual gathering in Carlisle PA on June 5-7, 2020
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Carlisle Ford Nationals Photos

Post by Merkur »

Hi - first of all it was wonderful meeting everyone again at Carlisle. I think we did a good job of keeping safe and respecting guidelines regarding safe social behaviors and it was mentally stimulating to attend Carlisle and have some sort of 'normalcy' to our crazy lives at the moment. Thanks to all who attended.

To those that couldn't attend, as Brad pointed out at the Awards ceremony, the good news is that the next Carlisle is 10 months away instead of the normal 12! Start planning now, whether it be booking vacation, incorporating Carlisle in a longer family road-trip to Hershey, the shore, Crayolaland or the Pennsylvania Dutch area - there's a lot to see out there and if Ric Chavez can make it to join us in the Euro Ford tent from Mexico in his Mondeo - you can!

Anyway - here are the pictures I took. If any of you would like high resolution originals (without my logo), let me know. All the online photo services reduce the quality of the pictures these days to reduce the file size and make viewing 'mobile friendly' so if you are going to print a copy, I'll be happy to provide a file. No charge.

Here's the link. Enjoy.

All the best and see you next year.
Paul "the Brit" West
Doylestown, PA
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Re: Carlisle Ford Nationals Photos

Post by merkurdriver »

Great pics as always! Thanks for sharing. :cheers
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Re: Carlisle Ford Nationals Photos

Post by DPDISXR4Ti »

Thanks for your support Mike. Everyone please remember our sponsors such as when it comes time to make your Merkur parts purchases.

P.S. Mike, feel free to post details on the T-9 Shifter bushing in the thread currently going on in the Scorpio forum.
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Re: Carlisle Ford Nationals Photos

Post by brokencase »

Thanks for the excellent photos Paul.

Sadly I am trying my best to isolate my father from Covid-19 and so I opted not to attend. But I really wanted to go..
Next year I hope.
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john keefe
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Re: Carlisle Ford Nationals Photos

Post by john keefe »

Great photos! Haven't personally met anyone on this board, so it's really interesting to try to match faces with member names!