TWO Weeks!

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TWO Weeks!

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Two weeks from today the "Merkur hearse" will be loaded up for making the voyage to Carlisle for the solemn 25th anniversary celebration of the death of Merkur! Yes, I know, that's a bizarre statement, but we drive somewhat bizarre cars, so it makes perfect sense!

Every day is like Christmas here at the funeral parlor. New parts from Stinger, MC2Racing, Rapido, Meguiar's, Merkur Depot, and Merkur Midwest keep showing up at my doorstep. And they'll all be given away at the awards ceremony at the Radisson Saturday night!

Now is the time to renew your MCA membership if you want to fully enjoy the Merkurs at Carlisle 2014 experience. No renewals at the show! You must sign up / renew in advance. Just go here for the quick & easy process...

All other questions about Carlisle can be answered by viewing the planning pages here...

See you there!