Fun Ford Sunday, Vallejo, CA - Sept. 12, 2010

Discussion of events in the Pacific Northwest, including Western Canada.
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Fun Ford Sunday, Vallejo, CA - Sept. 12, 2010

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Reposted email from Lou Medina: is coming up.

I have managed to get them to promote the 25 years of Merkur so it would be helpful if some actually SHOWED UP!
Local or out of town.
Socal is only 6 hours from here and even the Canadian border is only
12-15 hours from here so WA and OR are reasonable.
AZ, NV and CO should feel welcome too.
If someone from way across the country feels inclined to visit CA for awhile, show up for this weekend.

As an incentive to those out of town and if we can get enough interest, we will have a BBQ the night before to present our hospitality.
Come for a BBQ, come for a great car show and enjoy a couple of days in mild weathered Nothern California and make a vacation of it.
Locals-Drive it in, tow it in, push it in, pull it in, limp it in, carry it in. Just show up once in 5 years.

If any out of area owners plan on showing up speak up sooner than later so we know how big of a BBQ we should generate.
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