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General discussion relating to club happenings and items related to Merkurs in general such as "Merkur sightings". If you just signed on, please feel to start a new thread and introduce yourself here. Posts specifically regarding either the XR4Ti or Scorpio should go in those specific forums. Feel free to make suggestions on improving this forum here as well.
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Bob Weir wrote: Sun Apr 24, 2022 9:21 pm Welcome to the MCA.

We don't formally collect mileage data, but yours is definitely close to the highest. Congratulations!
Did you do the maintenance and/or have a shop do some/all?

If your interested in talking with and/or meeting any Merkur owners in your area, or
if you're ever interested in going to Ford Nationals in Carlisle PA, usually 1st weekend in June,
contact me and I'll try to contact others in your area.

PS You'd probably enjoy talking with Steve Saxty, previously a Ford designer, will be at Carlisle this year.
His info here > ... 85&t=40862
Thanks, Bob. I did all of the maintenance myself. (Changed the oil every 3000 miles, so that makes about 105 or 106 oil I replaced the steering rack, twice, I do beleive. Kept losing the seals on the end of the rack....

I've been to Carlisle for a number of their events. Ford Nationals once or twice. Import car nationals a few times. No plans to go at present, but will definitely let you know if that changes. Thanks for the offer.

I don't think I know Steve, but there were a lot of people with Merkurs at Ford, obviously. Rick Byrnes comes immediately to mind, as he set some speed records with his out at Bonneville.
1988 XR4Ti, 5spd, Rosso Red, Raven Black leather, sunroof
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