Calling all graphic artists!

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Calling all graphic artists!

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Calling all graphic artists! We are once again looking into doing some commemorative Carlisle merchandise and would like to get some ideas from the group here. Ideally we would like an .AI or .TIFF file as that is what gives us the most flexibility with the printer. If that is not possible a high resolution .png or .jpg could work.
I have provided a couple of examples of previous graphics but I know that there are some very capable artists here. The key points to include are:
- Carlisle Dates are June 4-6th. It’d be good if this is included
- An XR or XR + Scorpio is good
- From experience, the graphic is best if the cars are close to stock colors (not bright purple!), stock type wheels, proportions etc.
- Space for 6-8 sponsor logos
- I can provide hi-res club and Merkur logos
We would like to decide on the artist and give the go-ahead in the next week. The file would be needed ASAP to be included in advertising and merchandise ordering. I think somewhere around April 20th would work.

Let me know if you have any questions.

2015 Carlisle MCA Logo.jpg
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Carlisle Award Art 2011.jpg
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