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The Merkur Club of America is a nationwide, independent, non-profit association of owners and enthusiasts dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the Merkur Scorpio and XR4Ti automobiles.

The goal of the club is to provide Merkur owners throughout North America with the opportunity to participate in organized events throughout the year, and online resources to help them to more fully enjoy their cars.


Our schedule of events will include car shows, autocross, track, rally (fun rides), swap meets and social events. Events will be designed to promote camaraderie and provide technical support to our members, interface with other clubs of similar interests, and to educate the public on the unique styling and performance qualities of our cars.

This year, we have events scheduled in California, the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States. These range from car shows at Knott's Berry Farm in Los Angles, CA, driving events at Lime Rock, CT, autocross events in New Jersey and Maryland. Some events will be all Merkur while other events may be run jointly with other car clubs.

Check our Event Schedule and our Facebook page regularily for updates.


















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